Well, I certainly hope that this time tomorrow, this election season will be only a memory, albeit a vivid and anxiety-inducing one, and Hillary will become the first woman to win an American presidential election.

Now, I was and still am a Bernie fan, and a year ago I wouldn’t have thought I would have eagerly voted early for HRC a few weeks ago. But as many others have urged, a protest 3rd party vote or write-in, or worse, not voting at all, is a vote for Trump. Noam Chomsky delineated quite clearly why, if you care about your future and intend to remain a U.S. citizen, you should vote Hillary – even if you don’t like her – as the ‘lesser evil’ candidate. Trump is unqualified and unfit to lead this country, and it absolutely terrifies me to even think about him having the keys to the Oval Office.

So, in honor of HRC, our soon to be Commandress in Chief, here are some of her finest style moments and some sexy pantsuits to inspire the political revolutionary in you.

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